In seakeeping analyses, for floating or fixed offshore structures, production and discharge systems, semi-submerged platforms, renewable energy systems and wave breaking designs; hydrodynamic effects of wave, wind and current to the structure and the responses of the structure due to these effects are calculated.

In the calculations performed with Ansys AQWA software, solutions are made in frequency space using linear theory. As a result of these solutions, structure movements (RAO curves) in regular waves, hydrodynamic pressures calculated on wet surface and shear force / bending moment values on the structure can be obtained under wave load.

In addition, solutions can be made in time space under linear or non-linear environmental loads. With these analyzes;

  • Regular, irregular or time-dependent wave forces and wave spectra,
  • Regular or profile based current and wind loads,
  • Motions of multi parts with mooring systems,
  • Loads on connections can be calculated.