Under the defined environmental and operational conditions, the natural frequency is determined and the resonance controls are carried out by taking into account the excitation sources for local and global system. In this way, not only the structural fatigue life increases, but also the permanent high operational system efficiency is provided.

Electronic System Installation On A Mast Vibration Analyses

Excited vibration analyses are carried out to determine the vibration levels in case of there is a possibility of resonance. Design improvements are made to ensure that the vibration level on the structure or system is within the acceptable limits according to the the standards; ISO 6954-2000 etc. or customer demands


Local Vibration Level Determination and Limit Control

Especially for Defense Industry systems, vibration analyses are carried out in accordance with the standards; MIL-STD-167, MIL-STD-810 etc. Design improvements are made to maintain structural integrity under the applied vibration loads at certain frequency ranges regarding to the operating conditions.


System Vibration Strength Anlayses